Birds in Their Forever-Homes

at Good Fox Birdie Haven

Some birds have incredibly long lifespans, and can outlive their human owners, who may end up having no plan for how to handle the animal following their own passing. Some birds have serious medical conditions including untreatable genetic defects and other maladies, or have been so affected by neglect or abuse that they are considered unadoptable by all common standards. While a truly well-trained, prepared, and cautionary person or organization may be able to cope with the concerns of these birds, they are generally not considered acceptable pets for the average person, especially someone without veterinary training or extensive past experience working with parrots.


These are our forever-homed residents at Good Fox Birdie Haven, long-term guests which may well live out the remainder of their lives with our flock, under the care of our staff and volunteers. All parrots at GFBH get professional veterinary care while homed with us as part of their stay at our facilities, so these birds can lead lives as full as possible, and your donations can go to help our ongoing work with these very special members of our flock.

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African Grey Parrots

Among our forever-homed birds here at the rescue, the African Grey parrots are the most bountiful. With their own room, dubbed the 'Grey Room,' these extremely intelligent and social animals have a safe place at our facilities, where they will not have to face euthanasia, abuse, or mistreatment. African Greys are very intelligent and have the cognitive ability of a four to five year old child. Congo and Tinmeh African Greys can have a life span of around 70 years.

While a few of our Grey residents are detailed here, a full list of our resident African Grey parrots is as follows:​

  • 2-E

  • Axl Rose

  • Gabi

  • Jack

  • Java Bean

  • Kimberlite

  • Kismet

  • Lola

  • Manchester

  • Maui

  • Ollie

  • Peanut

  • Rocky

  • Sholbie

  • Shotzie

  • Sterling

Lola 20 year old female Congo African Grey arrived winter 2011

Lola came to our shelter in winter of 2012 with minimal belongings. Lola is not a very sociable bird and tends to prefer men over women. Her cage door is opened to invite her to come out, in which she rarely does. In spite of her lack of socialization, among other birds or humans, she is a big time talker and will not only strike up a conversation with the other birds in the flock, she will acknowledge them personally, calling them by name. She enjoys hanging upside down in her cage like a bat, looking at her toys. She is also a very finicky eater picking out undesired foods that are offered. She enjoys her fresh veggies, fruits in which she pillages through. She will eat most all of her breakfast of scrambled eggs with flax seed and enjoys an unshelled peanut for an occasional snack. She is offered a variety of pellet mixes, nut, fruit and veggie blend Zupreem and seems to pick through those. Her favorite food is an apple and she will ask for them. She enjoys looking at her colorful toys that hang in her cage even though she doesn’t pick at them. She also enjoys listening to music, watching the children's pre-school programs on TV, in which she has actually learned to count numbers!

Sterling 18 year old
Timneh African Grey
Arrived fall 2010

Sterling arrived with his nice cage full of toys, accessories and some food supplies. Sterling is a socialite and loves to make friends both avian and human where ever he is. Sterling assisted me as a subject at Pacific Lutheran University, on the studies of DR. Irene Pepperbergs’s “Alex the African Grey”, taught by Dr. Charles Bergman, in which he enjoyed the attention from all the students and Professor. Sterling also likes to help maintain order in the shelter by expressing his disapproval, using bad language to correct other screaming birds he feels are out of line. Cursing was also a part of his attributes upon arrival here at the shelter. He will also make the sounds of clanking pool balls as if someone is shooting a pool game. He will also tell you “good morning” and “good night” in a very sweet little voice. Sterling came with current medical records. Sterling is on a diet of: fruit blend Zupreem, seed, nut pepper mixture, fresh veggies, fruits, legumes and sprouts, eggs with flax seed, raw peanuts for snacks. Sterling is at a very healthy weight and gets lots of exercise and can eat most anything available for birds. He enjoys toys to shred, like pinata’s, rolls of adding machine paper is his favorite!, toys made from wicker substance or wooden items wrapped in colorful paper to put in his wooden pail that hangs inside his cage to forage in is a plus.

Teddy 25 yr old male Congo African Grey arrived winter 2013

Teddy arrived here under unfortunate circumstances. His dad, who he loved very much, passed away forcing his mom to place him in our facility because they don't take birds in the living assistant home where she had to move. Teddy came in stressed because of his loss, with feathers plucked. His mom, who is also grieving, was having a hard time dealing with Teddy in his grief as well, and she realized he needed help. Keep in mind that African Greys are highly intelligent, with the intellect of a five year old child and emotions of a two year old. Teddy came to us in good physical health other than his psychological issues, which are now being relieved by keeping a close watch over him to note any stressors, as well as reconditioning negative behaviors by placing wooden toys (as seen above) for chewing in exchange for plucking behavior. Even though Teddy's plucking hasn't stopped altogether, he does have new red tail feathers, which his mom stated he hasn't had in a long time. Teddy is a sweet bird and only likes to be picked up by stepping on a stick with a "step up" command. He is not much of a talker but says "hello" to everyone along with different sounds he likes to mimic. One of his special attributes is that he loves to dance to music in which we encourage by playing some of his favorite tunes i.e., Justin Beiber and Niki Minaj's ""Beauty and the Beat" in which he will really get down to. Teddy is a really good eater and loves his food. He is on a diet of legumes & sprouts, fresh veggies and fruits, nuts in the shell. He loves his nutblend Zupreem!

Congo, 19 year old Congo African Grey
Arrived fall 2010

​Congo came in with an updated medical record and is now due for another checkup. Congo is a very healthy bird both physically and emotionally and enjoys making his rounds to visit others in the Grey Room. He is bilingual and will speak both French and English. He seems to be very patriotic and will whistle fluently both American and French national anthems, as the other Greys in the flock pipe in with a verbal displays of fireworks! He will also verbally applaud himself afterwards with a hand clapping noise, bobbing  his head up and down with self approval. He always enjoys when people speak words of encouragement regarding his talents. He enjoys listening to music and his favorite tune is the old western theme from the “Good, Bad and the Ugly.” He has always eaten a very healthy diet and it shows. He is a handsome bird. He is on a Zupreem Nut Blend diet, along with a seed, nut, pepper mixture, scrambled eggs and flax seed, fresh veggies, fruits, whole grain pasta’s, legumes and sprouts, peanuts in the shell for snacks. His favorite food is pom-granite. He is not much of a toy fan but does enjoy chewing on items made of paper and his swing that is getting worn. He enjoys his pre-school TV programs, that he watches from the aviary where he will pick up and verbalize different sounds.

Other Birds

The following birds also have forever-homes here at Good Fox Birdie Haven, whether as permanent rehabilitation, or sponsored boarders:​

  • Kiwi

  • Tukey

  • Oliver

  • Charlie

  • Leelah

  • Sapphire