Our Means of Operation,

How We Help Birds in Washington State

Our goal is to place all adoptable birds into a loving, well-screened environment with ongoing periodic monitoring to ensure proper care. An adoption fee is asked for each adopted parrot, that goes to pay for ongoing shelter activity.


Sadly, sometimes the bird can become a permanent resident here in our facility, due to severe past living conditions of ongoing neglect and sometimes abuse. These forever-homed resident birds are largely considered unadoptable, and remain here as part of the flock, as a means of rehabilitation.


We currently have nearly 100 avian residents in our care, of many different species, with the number of birds changing all the time. In 2011, we placed a 11x15-ft avian structure onto our establishment at our own expense, along with many donated toys, play gyms, cages, carry cases, food and free veterinary care from generous donors who are greatly appreciated.


Thanks to generous donors, in early July [year], we built a 4x8-ft vented quarantine area for new arrivals with unknown medical histories. We take the health of our flock seriously, and always strive to keep our avian friends with a current bill of health. If they don't possess one when they arrive, we take it upon ourselves to make sure they are seen by a vet.​

In the future we hope to keep providing ongoing care for these wonderful creations of God and would appreciate your donations of any amount. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and depend upon your generosity to keep us going.​

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Please submit your tax deductible donation by clicking on the donate button. Or mail checks to:

Good Fox Birdie Haven

Algona, WA 98001

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Email: goodfoxbirdiehaven@yahoo.com

EIN# 45-5300779

UBI# 603-209-157

Our Board of Directors:

Good Fox Birdie Haven is a professional non-profit organization which operates under the direction of a board of members which include the following:

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