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Contact Us

For more information on how you can surrender or relinquish a bird, please contact:

Dave or Sharon Fox


Phone: 253 333 0766


To donate funds to Good Fox Birdie Haven, feel free to use PayPal button (below) or our GoFundMe page. We are a registered Non-Profit Organization with 501(c)3 status, and can provide full proof of registry upon request (see partial letter of proof, image below).

Donations of food, toys, or other physical goods for the birds here at our shelter can be mailed to our site address:

Good Fox Birdie Haven

Algona, WA 98001

(Site address by request.)

Fostering & Adoption

For those who are looking to foster or adopt, please fill out the Adoption Application. Fostering a bird simply means providing a safe temporary home for one of our avian residents while we look for a more permanent home with a loving human family who can care for their needs on a long-term “Forever Home” basis. And of course, if a fostered bird ends up working out well for both the bird and its new human flock, fostering can easily transition to full adoption. Fostering a bird means providing daily access to proper food and water, and maintaining its cage, toys, and living space to the same degree as our own flock members. If you would like to foster a bird, and have filled out the Volunteer or Adoption application, we will do our best to schedule a time to do an interview and foster home inspection. We require that a foster home has everything necessary to care for our birds as they await their eventual Forever Home, especially if a foster home transitions to a full adoption.

Emergency Animal Rescue

​We are also available for emergency situations in helping our community, as well as local police and Humane Society. ***PLEASE NOTE: BIRDS MUST ALREADY BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP, and WE DO NOT RESCUE WILDLIFE.***

Volunteers & Veterinary Internship

Interested in doing any type of volunteer work? Please fill out our volunteer form, and submit to

Volunteers Welcome: We are a community-based avian charity looking for hard-working volunteer applicants to help in the care and rehabilitation of relinquished parrots. Applicant volunteers who are looking to gain skills for pet-store employment will also benefit from these opportunities.

Duties will include regular cage cleaning, as well as cleaning perches, toys, and facility spaces to high standards, as our feathered friends require a sanitary environment in order to thrive. Volunteers will also get familiar with the avian diet by preparing food and distributing it to our birds. The volunteer applicant will learn to interact with these marvelous, brilliant creatures as they care for them. (And boy, do they communicate with their human flock!)

Veterinary Interns: This is an opportunity for a veterinary student to further his or her interest in a much-neglected field, as well as contribute to a worthy cause. Additional duties beyond those of volunteers would include [listed].

Disclaimer: There is always a possibility of personal injury while​ helping or being around animals. Volunteers will be allowed to work by signing a form releasing Good Fox Birdie Haven liability for any personal harm or injury. Any personal information directly through or from other organizations sending volunteers will be held confidential.

To adopt or provide fostor care for a bird, fill out this application:
Interested in Volunteering with
Good Fox Birdie Haven?
Print, sign & return this application:
Dave Fox
Dave Fox

Dave with sulfur crest Chico


Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox

Sierra with eclectus Boo

Dave Fox
Dave Fox

Dave with sulfur crest Chico

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